Openlab 2007: Winners Announced

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Openlab 2007 Well Bora and I and our 30+ judges managed to sort through the nearly 500 submissions and find our 53 winners. Some of use used the stairs methods to assign grades and others programed complex random number machines, while a few decided to read the 400+ submissions.

I am happy to announce that Ian Musgrave will represent the Panda’s Thumb again this year in The Open Laboratory with an essay that fuses two excellent articles:

Stuck on you, biological Velcro and the evolution of adaptive immunity

Behe vs Sea Squirts

Let’s congratulate Ian for his contributions to science blogging.

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Well, The Day has arrived! After reading all of the 486 entries at least once (and many 2-3 times) and after calculating all of the judges' ratings of all the posts, Reed Cartwright and I are happy to announce which... Read More

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