Wrapup of photography contest

The photography contest had three categories and, owing to a problem that Reed Cartwright cleverly called hanging chads, four winners. You may see the winning photographs here, here, here.

The winners were offered a choice of Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails), The Ancestor’s Tale, and Monkey Girl. The TalkOrigins Archive Foundation has generously agreed to finance the purchase of WEW, and the National Center for Science Education offered to provide copies of AT and MG.

I blush to tell you that all 4 winners selected WEW(&CF), by me and Paul Strode. I plan to bike over to my local independent bookseller and buy four copies later today. I will mail them after I get them autographed.

A very large fraction if not a majority of the remaining entries were themselves splendid photographs, and it was uncommonly difficult to choose a mere eighteen as finalists. We will continue to post other entries as part of our 1000 Words feature under the rubric of Honorable Mention.

Acknowledgment. Thanks to all those who entered the contest, to Glenn Branch of NCSE, to Wesley Elsberry of TO Origins Foundation, and especially profuse thanks to Reed Cartwright for the actual mechanics of running the polls and other major contributions.