Schizophrenia at Creation "Museum"

Yeah, yeah, I know: Schizophrenia is a specific medical diagnosis, and it does not mean holding two views at the same time. But its etymology does imply something like split mind, and I cannot think of a better way to describe this:

The Creation “Museum” has put on display the Allosaurus fossil that we reported on here. And they are tickled pink. Their house geologist, Andrew Snelling, who used to do real geology (or his doppelgänger did) said of their Allosaurus,

It was found with its bones arranged in their correct anatomical positions relative to each other, rather than in a scattered assortment of bones as is often the case.

The article goes on,

Dr. Snelling added that the intact skeleton of this allosaur is a testimony to an extremely rapid burial, which is confirmation of the global catastrophe of a Flood a few thousand years ago.

In short, the intact nature of the Creation “Museum’s” Allosaurus is alone proof of a global flood (not a local flood!), whereas “a scattered assortment of bones” is not evidence against a global flood. This kind of reasoning – and from a person with a PhD in geology –“ gives confirmation bias a bad name.

I am afraid that what Dan Phelps said in the link given above remains true: Creationists do not do research, and, worse, real paleontologists will not get to study their “nice display trophy.”