Highly favorable review of God’s Word or Human Reason?

Book cover

Highly favorable, if not rave review of God’s Word or Human Reason?, co-edited by occasional PT contributor Jonathan Kane here. The review, by Philip Senter, shows how the book counters many of the pseudo-scientific arguments put forward by creationists, particularly in the last decade or so. Professor Senter points out that one of the strengths of the book and also one of its weaknesses are that the editors are all former creationists. As such, they know how to talk to other creationists, but also all have given up practicing Christianity, which would make them suspect. Professor Senter, a paleontologist with a degree in theology, notes, “Chapter 6 masterfully delineates a solution [to the problem of reconciling acceptance of the Bible with the paleontological record] that is both theologically sound … and consistent with the physical evidence of macroevolution and an old Earth.”

You may find Mr. Kane’s articles on similar topics here, here, and here. The first is a rebuttal to an unfavorable review of his book.

Acknowledgment. Thanks to Glenn Branch of NCSE for bringing the review to our attention.