Let's all watch We Believe in Dinosaurs together

Poster for the film, "We Believe in Dinosaurs."

Let us all watch We Believe in Dinosaurs together. How are we going to do that? I received an e-mail yesterday from one of the producers, Clayton Brown, who wanted to let us

know there is going to be an online “Watch Party” for We Believe in Dinosaurs on April 30 at 7pm Central. What does this mean? We’re encouraging everyone we can to rent the film on the platform of their choice, then all press “play” at the same time [7 p.m. CDT] so we can all watch together. At the same time, my co-director Monica, my co-producer Amy, and I (as well as David MacMillan and Dan Phelps, who both appear prominently in the film) will be participating via tweet, post, etc., as well as live Q&A during and after the screening.

… I realize some folks have already seen it, but we’re suggesting they revisit it with a live commentary and Q&A / discussion at the end.

For registration go here

Here is a Facebook event to share widely.

To participate in the event, Click this link, which is provided by SciStarter.org, the group that puts on Citizen Science Month. They will ask you to register with Zoom, whereupon you will receive a link to the conference. The procedure is to get the film on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or whatever, and hit PLAY at 7 p.m. CDT. Filmmakers Clayton Brown, Amy Ellison, and Monica Long Ross, as well as two of the principals in the film, David MacMillan and Dan Phelps, will provide exclusive commentary and insights during the run of the film and also respond to your questions live in Zoom.